Surface Mount Technology

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The accurate printing of the solder paste, precise placement of components and a customised oven profile are paramount for a quality finish.

As such, we have invested in high-quality equipment to meet both the current and future needs of our clients.  Our capabilities include:

  • Leaded and RoHS Compliant
  • Fine pitch, BGA’s, QFN and components down to 0201 packages

Pick and Place

Our surface mount pick and place machines are fitted with automatic vision systems for high accuracy component placement.


Our printers feature automatic vision systems to check the accuracy of solder paste placement onto circuit boards before components are loaded. This is vital as PCB printing is the most important process in the surface mount assembly. We customise each stencil to suit each individual board requirements.


The intrinsic properties and higher temperatures required by RoHS solder paste makes control of preheating, reflow and cooling critical.

Using both our 6 and 8 zone convection ovens along with a highly sophisticated thermal profiler, we can create the perfect profile to ensure good solder joints for leaded or RoHS compliant boards without damaging the components.