Effective Measures to Improve SMT Assembly Quality

SMT assembly makes for a popular process in the computer, automotive, aerospace, medical care, and telecommunication industries. It has been widely accepted and applied for producing quality electronics owing to its cost, time, labour, and material saving benefits. SMT assembly allows creating products with higher integrity and reliability. However, the final product quality can degrade…

AMGC Features AT&M for Its Outstanding Contribution to the Electronics Manufacturing Sector

In a recent report by AMGC titled Flexibility and Evolution Power Manufacturing Success for AT&M, the centre featured AT&M for revolutionising the industry with its excellent contribution and professional practices. At AT&M, we are thrilled to announce that our company has been conferred with this prestigious feature. It is our pleasure to be recognised for our efforts in all these years.



At the heart of every modern electronic device — from smartphones and in-car infotainment systems to garage door openers — is a printed circuit board (PCB). But how do these foundational building blocks of most modern electronic devices function in a specifically engineered way? The answer is PCBA.